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Chips / Cheques

With all rentals, we offer professional casino gaming cheques (chips).  All of our chips feature DENOMINATIONS, EDGE SPOTS and INLAY
(not a decal).

Chips / Cheques

These are the best in the business, guaranteed.

  • Guests will love the look and feel of genuine casino cheques (plus they make just the right thud when you drop them on the table!).
  • Las Vegas-like atmosphere (great-looking chips really dress up the table).
  • No Guest Confusion (the denominations are right on the chip and are part of the chip with no chance of stray labels peeling off).
  • No Dealer Confusion (This is big!  Not only will the dealer know which chips to dole out, but he or she will have be able to do it easier and faster).

Note on Chips: All casino rental games packages always receive more chips than needed, 100% of the time, in all denominations.

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