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Frequently Asked Questions:

Please Note: Some of the FAQ’s were taken from our parent page (Amerifun) so a few of them may relate to games with dealers.  Since this site is dedicated to rentals only, please disregard any inapplicable information.  Sorry for any confusion, thanks!


What are your hours/ What is the Best Time to contact you? You can reach us by phone (316) 821-0202 Mon-Fri 9am-5pm. Weekend by appointment.  Please send us an email, email is monitored 24 hours (I will get back with you immediately if possible). You can also use our Quote Page. Email.


Where are you located? In order to maintain low overhead and keep our rates low for all, we do not have a public showroom per say. We do lease a commercial building for our equipment and you can view in person by appointment anytime, we’d love to show you.  Also feel free to ask about upcoming events if you want to “stop by” and see how things are going!


Can you recommend a venue? We come to you at your venue!  Wherever your event is, chances are we are familiar with the facility.  We will work hand-in-hand with your facility contact on logistics, so you don’t have to!  If you need assistance with finding a venue please ask for recommendations, We have a long list of over 100 venues (in Wichita).  

Also, since we are over-the-road quite a bit, chances are we have been to your town and can recommend a spot.  If not, then you probably know the lay of the land better than we do; consider restaurants, golf courses, libraries, armories, veterans organizations, civic halls, theaters, museums, garages, barns or any large space with a concrete floor.  TIP: Ask for low-cost decorating ideas to transform any space into the perfect casino party atmosphere!


Do you have References? Yes, pages and pages! Since this is normally not public information please contact us for a list of confidential references. We have nearly 1000 clients in the region and can provide you with numerous references if you desire.  If you are outside of Wichita we most-likely can supply references that are from past events that are geographically close to you.  Please also see our partial client list.


How much Notice do you need? The sooner the better for best availability is always your best bet!  We essentially operate on a first come, first served policy in order to be fair to all. We do however keep you “in the loop” if another client is interested in your tentative target date (we will go above and beyond to accommodate everyone and have a large inventory).  We will offer the first client the courtesy of first refusal on a tentative basis without any written contracts. In order to guarantee your date we require a minimum 20% deposit, your event date is not guaranteed until deposit is received but as mentioned we will check with you first before we let a date go.


What is the Cost? Ever heard the term “wine taste on a beer budget”?  Well, we offer wine equipment for beer prices!  In all seriousness, our rates are much lower than comparable competitors. And our rates are clearly posted here on this site or we can send you an itemized straight-forward quote.

Forms of Payment

What forms of Payment do you accept?  We accept Cash, Personal Check (subject to verification), Company Check or Official Check, Money Orders, Traveler’s Checks and all Major Credit Cards.

Unfortunately we do not offer credit accounts; balance is due on delivery or at the commencement of the said event. On occasion we may extend credit for certain products or services added to an order.


Do you have Package Deals / Discounts? All of our deals are Package Deals! We are confident that you will notice the value that we provide versus the cost.

We do regularly run specials.  For example we are currently running a 25% off special for a “Like” on Facebook. 

Discounts are available for rentals that span multiple days.

Discounts are also available to 501c3 charities, schools and certain non-profits. Please Email Us for more information.

If budget is a primary concern we have a variety of very budget-friendly games available. Casino Rentals.

Duration Note: As a general rule we do not offer discounts for shorter gaming sessions since most of the labor is involved with getting the equipment onsite and/or coordinating the staff.  All rentals are eligible for a free 24-hour upgrade (and you can use this to your advantage for promotional purposes, more training/practice time, open-ended start/end times and late after-parties.  All packages of games with dealer have a duration of 3 hours.   .

Down Payment

Do you require a Down Payment, is it Refundable? In order to guarantee your event date, we require a minimum 20% down payment and a signed contract or agreement of terms. If your event is sooner than 90 days away, a larger amount may be required.

Note to clients outside of Wichita, KS: We may require up to a 50% down payment from clients outside of our home city. This is to cover preliminary costs associated with any arrangements that need to be made in advance of your date. You will be notified of all proposed amounts due during the proposal process.

Unfortunately we cannot refund a down payment in the event of a cancellation as we may have turned away a potential client that was interested in your date or we may have incurred expense in preparation and while scheduling for your event. In addition there will be an additional cancellation fee greater than your down payment if your cancellation date is closer to the date of your event than 90 days.

In the event of an emergency, you may re-schedule your event with an applied credit towards your new event date. Your new rescheduled date must be no more than 30 days after the original event date.

Security Deposit

Do you require a Security Deposit, is it Refundable? We do not require a security deposit for our casino rentals.  Note: Please refer to the terms and conditions that we send you for the replacement cost of the equipment leased.

In the event that we provide products or service from an outside vendor, a security deposit may be required.  These requirements are levied by the actual vendor providing the product and not Amerifun. You will be notified during the proposal process of any security deposit that is required in relation to a particular service.

Anytime a security deposit is required it will be refunded when all terms and conditions of the contract have been met by the client or all items are returned undamaged. If the client should need to cancel their event the security deposit will be refunded less any lessee obligations that have become due to the lessor.

Cancel Policy

What is your Cancellation Policy? A cancellation fee will apply depending on how close it is to the date of your event.  If unforeseen circumstances cause you to cancel, please allow us to re-schedule your event in order to keep your deposit and not have to cancel your order completely. The new event date must be no more than 30 days after the original event date.  Please see your contract for cancellation fee schedule.


Can I add or subtract games after the contract is signed? Unfortunately we cannot offer a client the ability to subtract items as we could have offered the item to another client, so sorry.  Additionally we may have scheduled personnel or vendors that may have reserved items for you.

If unsure of games lineup or final guest total, we recommend ordering LESS equipment than you think you will need. We will be more than happy to increase your order anytime if availability permits.  TIP: Go “light” on tables needed.. consider this: Order one or two less blackjack, these can be added easily, poker too.  Also if you reserve a craps or roulette, you can typically upgrade the size easily.

Delivery Fee

Do you charge a Delivery Fee?  All delivery fees are clearly presented in your proposal.  The costs below are inside Wichita KS city limits.
If all requested equipment will fit inside a STANDARD CARGO VAN or 9′ Trailer, we charge a flat $50 delivery fee that is added to the entire order.
For medium to large events in which a 15′ BOX TRUCK is needed, the delivery is $75-$100.
For very large events in which a 25′ BOX TRUCK is needed, the delivery fee is $150.
For more massive events in which a TRACTOR TRAILER is required, a $300 delivery fee will be incurred.

Delivery fees are to offset fuel and vehicle maintenance costs. Most of the events that we do typically fit inside a van or smaller box truck.

Additional delivery fees may be incurred with supplementary services or depending on the policies of any vendors that we may contract portions of your event with or your venue’s delivery restrictions. You will be informed of all costs well in advance. Your final proposal will be an all-inclusive itemized breakdown.

Examples of when additional delivery fees would be incurred:
An additional labor fee would apply for deliveries to venues with stairs or obstacles leading to the facility or the banquet rooms or if there is not a freight elevator with roll-in access.

An additional labor fee may apply for deliveries to venues with barriers, obstacles or hurdles leading into the venue or banquet rooms. There is no additional delivery fee for long treks through a venue as long as it it flat.

An additional labor fee would apply to the presence of banquet tables, chairs or equipment not related to the games that need to be moved by Amerifun staff (in order to clear the banquet space) in the amount of $50 per man-hour. An additional fee may also apply if your venue presents logistical hurdles such as exceptionally difficult access to a party area.

Private Residence


Do you deliver to a private residence?  Yes.. but as of 01/01/2014 we only deliver to the garage  . 

We have went back and fourth with this over the years and have found that a garage space actually works quite well, just incorporate it into the party space plan.  Please ask for recommendations on decorating your garage space if needed!

TIP: Since a casino night can get rowdy anyhow, the garage is a great space to add beer tubs since spillage damage is minimal.  We have some great lighted beer tubs (hint hint!).

The details:  The garage offers roll-in access, you wouldn’t park your car inside the house right?  Most folks don’t realize that to deliver inside a home means we have to hand-carry every last piece into the house (and this is numerous items including chips).  Having roll-in access allows us to set-up for your event much quicker and greatly reduces the workload.  If your home offers 100% roll-in access (no steps, not even one) then we can deliver inside but cannot deliver downstairs or upstairs. 

We like to be flexible.  If you have a walk-out level with drive-up access we may be able to deliver in that space if there are no steps.  We may also be able to deliver a single smaller game into a ground level space.  Please ask for more details.


What if my event is Downstairs or Upstairs? The typical fee for non roll-in access is $25 per Level I Game (Blackjack and most others), $50 per Level II Game (6′ Games), $100 for Level III Games (8′ Games), $25 per Slot Machine and $25 for Chip Inventory. Additional charges may apply for additional services or services from outside vendors.

If there is a freight elevator will roll-in access that can accommodate our equipment, no extra charge will be incurred.

Setup & Delivery Time

What if my venue places restrictions on Set-up Times? Only a handful of facilities restrict our access to specified times. We will do our best to meet your venue’s requirements. Please inform your venue that we may need a maximum 24-hour delivery lead-time depending on the size of your games lineup.

Lead-Time Note: It is challenging to deliver & place all equipment, and return for your event, if the set-up or delivery times are too close to the event start time. The logistical fee for set-up times that are closer to the event start time than xx hours is a minimum of $100. The logistical fee is greater than $100 for set-up times closer than xx hours to the event start time.

Since this site and this page are dedicated to GAMES WITHOUT DEALERS a 24-hour lead-time is rarely going to be required (unless your event is a very large one).  Typically we need 1-2 hours to setup for most events but we like to allow an hour for any orientation.  We will recommend the best delivery times in relation to the size of your event.


Do your charge Mileage? For events outside of Wichita, KS† mileage charges are $1.50 per round-trip mile (or $3.00 per one-way mile) per single drive axle** vehicles*. If you require items to be towed, additional mileage charges are .50¢ per round-trip mile (or $1.00 per one way mile) per trailer axle.

*We charge per mile on each vehicle needed. i.e.: a second truck or a transportation vehicle for staff members or vendors (we will however always recommend staffing alternatives to our national clients in order to prevent additional vehicle mileage charges.

** For large staffing or cargo requirements we may use a tractor-trailer, bus or other large double-axle vehicle. Double-axle vehicle mileage charges are $3.00 per round-trip mile (or $6.00 per one-way mile).

† We consider ‘Wichita’ as Wichita city limits. There may be additional mileage charges for Haysville, Derby, Andover, Goddard or Park City, KS.


Do your charge Travel Expenses? If your event requires members of our staff to travel, we will have to charge travel expenses for the required staff. We only wish to cover the expenses of leaving our home city for all staff members. As mentioned, we will always offer staffing alternatives. An example would be the use of an employment agency (we currently use Adecco, Staffmark, LaborMax or comparable avenues for staffing needs outside Wichita). You will not be charged travel or mileage for staffing that we provide locally from local sources in any city (but normal cargo mileage charges will still apply).

We must compensate our staff members for their travel time (our staff member’s normal wages are paid from the cost of the game dealers that you order).

In order to increase incentive, guarantee enthusiasm and obtain you the absolute best people: we generally compensate our staff $1 per mile for “windshield” time (riding time/ road time). For example: If your event is 100 miles from Wichita, KS, then we will compensate each staff member $100 for mileage.

In addition, we require one square meal per staff member. A cost of $10 per person per day will be added to the staff travel expenses.

If overnight stay required: We require one average to above average overnight accommodation per staff member, or team of two staff members (we will always make an extended effort to schedule couples or teams of two – this will eliminate excessive hotel rooms).

If your venue is a hotel, onsite accommodations at that hotel are required, no exceptions please.

We may require ONE SUITE or ONE MEETING ROOM per trip to use as meeting space, but only if your event requires more than 10 dealers.

If your event takes place on multiple days or if you require us to arrive one or more days in advance, an additional $50 charge per staff member per day will apply. This charge only applies to multiple event days or early arrival by your request, not for the next day departure date after a one day event.

Note: If we are only delivering equipment and not staff members, only normal mileage rates for the cargo truck apply (with the exception of the the driver and labor personnel as applicable).

Planning Process

Can you explain your Party Planning/ Contract Process? We will first collect your interests via a face to face meeting, by telephone, email or through our quote form. We will then send you a complete breakdown of costs for all services (you can still pick and choose at this point) in the form of an Estimate, or Quote. Following your approval, we will send you a formal Invoice and a Contract (our terms & conditions).

What Games, How Many

What Games should I order, how many? We have learned through many years of hands-on experience how to determine the optimum number of player positions and what games to recommend for your event. Over the last decade we have tried it all, and have learned from experience what games and how many work best with what number of guests. Our formula works so well that many of our competitors copy us verbatim (but this sure isn’t all they copy!).

At every party we have ever done there have been assorted accompaniments. Whether there is a DJ or just a coffee bar, guests rarely all gamble at the same time. Some are watching, some are dancing, some are finishing dessert, some are stepping outside, etc., etc..

We experimented with different numbers and there still are some variables, like if you have many guests total but only a few in the room at one given time (in which case you should try to order enough games to serve just those people in the room).

How many games:
The ‘rule of thumb’ that we follow first is a 70% games-to-guest ratio. For example, if you have 200 guests then 140 player positions is ideal. The number of games we provide is ultimately your decision and we will rent you as many or as few games as you wish.

What games:
Unless you have specific requests, when we create an estimate for you we will recommend popular “staple games” as well as games that may integrate well with your theme. We will of course keep you posted and solicit your feedback along the way. Please feel free to ask for a Complimentary Player Survey!

Some of the games we will recommend first will be: Blackjack Spots for around 30% of your guests total as well as Poker Positions for about 10%. We will also recommend other key games such as Craps and Roulette. As for Slot Machines, we typically recommend a minimum number of machines equal to near around 5-10% of your guest total.

For example: You have 100 people – we would most-likely recommend something like: five Blackjack (would serve 35 players), a Poker 6′ (plays 8), a Craps 8′ (12), a Roulette 7′ (10) and five Slots (5): 71 Total Player Positions.

For larger groups we would recommend something like the above but may also include perhaps Let it Ride, 3-Card Poker and/or Caribbean Stud; we may also include more poker, larger roulette and/or larger craps.  Count on Amerifun for the proper recommendations in an easy to understand itemized proposal with no hidden costs.

We do not require a certain amount of games per number of guests like other companies do- we leave that decision up to you and only provide expert guidance.


NEW Problem  : It is always good to have a positive dilemma! We have run into a new issue relating to what games to recommend for small groups.  For example: We typically recommend our “staple games” first (blackjack, poker, roulette, craps) but one of each of these games can yield a lineup of a minimum of 31 player positions.  If you had a group of 30, this may be a tad bit heavy since for a group of 30 guests we would recommend a lineup with around 21 player positions.  What we have been doing to address this lately is dropping the least popular game first or looking at the demographics of the group.  For example, gents like craps and ladies like roulette; if you have a majority of ladies at your event then we would recommend more roulette.  Look to Amerifun to ask the right questions.

How Does It Work

How does a Casino Party work? In a nutshell: You will receive pre-printed “admit one” tickets in advance (equal to your number of guests) in order for you to effortlessly distribute funds to your guests.

Your guests will then make a stop by our cashier to receive their initial Fun Money funds from our tellers. Players will then proceed to the game of their choice and buy chips from their dealer, just like in the casino, or they can hold their funny money for later prize opportunities.

At the end of the gaming session (our casino gaming sessions are 3 Hours), players will ‘cash out’ with their dealer or the cashier/ teller for their prize opportunities (since we offer players numerous places to ‘cash out’, there will be no inconvenient long lines).


What is the duration of a casino party?  All rentals are eligible for a free 24-hour upgrade.  Please note: If your event in in Wichita or if we are staying overnight in your city then there is only one delivery fee.  If we must return back round-trip to pick up the next day there may be an additional fee; all costs are presented up front before we book your order.

For staffed events with dealers, our casino events run for three solid hours of playing time. Optional longer times are available by request (but may require additional staffing). Aside from the 3-hour duration, we begin funds distribution early and include prize time afterwards. Additionally we begin tear-down after your guests clear out as not to disturb the finale of your event.


Is a Casino Party Legal? Yes, as long as there is no gambling. We remove the “consideration” (the element of gambling in which players must pay money to play games of chance to win a prize) in that everyone receives a free stack of funny money with no cash investment to play for prizes that you provide.

Please see Sedgwick County D.A. recommendations and guidelines here.

Please also see our Charity Fundraising Page for information on fundraisers.

If your event is at a public venue such as a club, players can buy-in with cash to “try their luck” (like a game of pool) but cannot win any prize.

Fun Money

Do you provide Play Money? Yes. We provide plentiful attractive black&white Fun Money on colored paper for your guests in $1,000, $5,000 and $25,000 denominations. We also offer design services.  You can also incorporate your own custom play money into your casino.


Do you provide Prizes?  Not exactly.  We can provide your prizes if you wish for us to shop for and deliver your prizes to your venue, this is an optional service.  We do however include free Prize Aides (tools; prize methods) to help you give away your prizes in a fun, fast & non-confusing fashion.

Please Note: We very strongly recommend having prizes; prizes add to the incentive, makes it more fun and helps us receive all of our chips back.  Don’t forget the prizes!  A finale without prizes is sort of a dud.

Prize Methods

How do I Give Away my Prizes? We offer one free prize method.  Select from an Auction, Raffle, Gift Shop or Giveaway (default).

In a nutshell:
Giveaway: Our simplest method is our default Giveaway method.  Each dealer has a clipboard with a log sheet to record player names and monetary totals.  We then gather the logs and itemize the winners in the order that you specify.

Raffle: A top favorite is our Raffle.  Each dealer has a roll of mutual tickers.  Players receive 1 ticket per x amount of total winnings.  We wait until the last hour to gauge player success before we set the amount of tickets rec’d in order to allow players the best number of tickets.  For example if everyone wins big, then you wouldn’t want 1 ticket per $1000 b/c players may have to watch a hundred tickets!  This will cause the raffle to run much longer.  Typically 1 ticket per $5000 is the best end result but we will; advise you accordingly.

Auction: Players receive more fun money back for all their cheque winnings to go with any fun money bills they still have.  Players use this play money to bid with in a live auction.

Gift Shop: If you have numerous prizes this could be the best option for you.  We will help you merchandise a “store” for “sell” your prizes.  Free price tags included as well as pricing guidance.  TIP: Typically you will want to price items at around 1000% of their actual retail value (depending on the overall faux value of prizes desired, number of like prizes etc; we will advise you accordingly).

Even if we do not provide optional live verbal facilitation, we do still provide all the tools!  Live prize facilitation is available as an optional service at an average cost of less than $1 per guest (PA capabilities / sound system is required). For more information see Prize Methods(old page, stay tuned for update).

Pit Boss

Do you provide a Pit Boss? Yes.  We provide ample staffing for all aspects of your casino and we also include a roaming Pit Boss by request for larger lineups (there may be an additional cost for smaller events).  Our pit boss facilitates additional winning opportunities throughout the evening including stoking the fun rules (our standard “really loose” odds), offering trivia & mystery object opportunities, taking pictures and interacting with players and dealers.  We also offer optional Live Performers in all capacities including entertainment, Master of Ceremonies, Concierge, Host, Assistant, Teller or any additional staffing personnel that you require.


Do you provide Tellers/ Cashiers? Yes.   Apt number of tellers included at no additional cost with our 4′, 6′ or 8′ cashier cage.  Additional staffing available in any capacity to suit your needs including stand-alone tellers.  

Cashier Carts and Cages from $50.

Slot Attendants

Do you provide Slot Attendants? Yes and No.  Yes we offer them but no they do not come with the machines.  Slot attendants are an additional nominal fee of $100 (1-5 machines) or we can show you how to run them; the sort of “run themselves” but do require monitoring.  FYI: recruit someone who can manage multiple tasks and be running on their feet for the duration!

The staff workload is quite heavy with slot machines, the $100 cost is money well spent.  The slot attendant must answer constant questions, fill and empty machines, change internal settings, payoff winners, make change, ready machines for the next person and run tokens.


Are your Dealers / Staff experienced, how are they Dressed?  Yes and to the T!

Our staff is drawn from a pool of over 200 long-time individuals.  Additionally your dealers are event-tested b/c we start folks at teller first.

All required staff will arrive in appropriate apparel for the occasion, we maintain strict uniform dress standards for all vendors.

For in-house casino staff. or dress has evolved quite a bit over the years.  We used to have dealers in tux shirt & bowtie (with and without vest) but that’s so generic.  We came up with two solutions: Summer dress and year-round dress. 

Summer dress consists of blue or black polo shirts with logo and no blue jeans.

Year-round wear consists of this: Gents in suits WITH TIE, ladies in evening dress (we are slightly flexible with some of our veteran female dealers who are allowed to wear nice solid-color slacks and blouse).  The theory behind this is to provide a high-roller experience; in a casino high-limit salon dealers are in tuxedos and formal evening dresses, not the suits that the dealers have to wear on the main casino floor!

Every games dealer is cultured to casino rules AND fun rules and are trained to entertain! And all of our dealers know their game. Trust in our enthusiastic staff members to be skilled, lively, interactive and attentive.

Games Without Dealers (rentals)

Do you offer Games WITHOUT Dealers? Absolutely, that’s one of our specialties!  This is the best way to really save big bucks on the overall cost!  All rental games are presented walk-up ready for your staff and incorporated into your casino. Simple training and orientation is also included for you and your dealers.


Do you offer Training for our own Dealers? Yes, there are two options. We include Simple Training and Orientation. Simple training is approached from the standpoint that your dealers have a working understanding of the game and is best for those that have dealt before at some point.  We will run your dealers through a quick one two demo of their game with the motions they should follow including buy-ins, running their game, cash-outs and prize facilitation.
2 Instructors – 30 Minutes – No Charge.

We also offer two additional levels of training, intermediate and advanced.  Intermediate training should be considered for dealers with a basic understanding who have at least played their game.  Advanced training should be considered for dealers with little or no understanding.

Intermediate Training includes simple training as well as all the rules of the game along with demo and practice session and chip placement.
2 Instructors – 1 Hour – $75.

Advanced training includes longer practice sessions and more in-depth rule explanations.  You will need the entire 2 hours!
2 Instructors – 2 Hours – $150.  Addt’l Instructor $75.

Advance written copies of game rules and procedures available by request but definitely recommend a search for online resources (don’t want to place any links here though b/c they might think this is a gambling site!).  Take blackjack for example.  A quick search for “play blackjack” yields safe results where you can play right away for free without having to join anything; and you can use this approach for any game.  You can also simply visit wikipedia for some pretty helpful detailed game rules.

Coming Soon: A complete video series on how to deal a game both to casino rules and the Amerifun way, game by game!  This is a culmination of all our previous written copies of rules and procedures.

Please Note: If you order a package of all games without dealers that would be a package where we do not provide the staffing. Additional optional staffing is available to help meet your needs such as personnel to serve as a runner, teller, attendant, pit boss, additional dealers etc..


What type of Gaming Cheques (Chips) do you offer?  Glad you asked, this is one of the key advantages of Amerifun!  We use the absolute best cheques in the industry: Authentic Paulson and Chipco professional gaming cheques. Our chips are fanciful, colorful, edge-spotted, inlaid, arrive organized (in large 1000 chip inventory trays) and feature denominations from $1 to One Million Dollars (and everywhere in-between).

Lost Chips

What if Chips are Lost? The cheques that we provide are very. In addition we must order a minimum of one thousand chips from our main supplier.

We will do a quick yet thorough chip count with you 30 minutes before the start of gaming (and then we can stock the individual table trays for you). After the gaming session we will sort and recount all cheques.  NOTE: For all rentals: All chips must be sorted back into the inventory trays provided; there is a $50 per hour sort fee if chips are left unsorted or not returned to their trays.

We strongly encourage you to inform all of your players that we will need all of our chips back.  It is also a good idea to make multiple announcements throughout the gaming session that fabulous prizes are available (important) and to make sure to redeem all chips and fun money.  It is also a good idea to tell players to “check their pockets” for chips after the gaming but before the prize facilitation.

We have found that these procedures works quite well and we normally receive all of our chips back. In the event that any chips are not returned, there will be a $2 charge per each lost chip.  There is a $15 charge for each plaque cheque not returned.

To minimize lost chips: 1) Let your guests know in advance that all chips must be returned.  2) Have prizes and let guests know that you do (both beforehand and at the event)!  3) Avoid young children handling the chips.  TIP: It is a good idea to remind guests when you give them their admission ticket or during check-in.  Also mention it on promtional materials.

We also rent equipment without chips!  There are a variety of very low-cost imported chip suppliers where chips can be had for pennies (plan for 500-1000 chips per blackjack and the like, plan for 1000+ for craps and roulette.  Please ask for recommendations if needed.

Chip Rentals

Do you rent just Chips? Yes, a very low $50 per 1000 (for the best in the industry) with inventory tray(s).  Now before your jaw hits the table, let us mention that that is for around $1500 worth of chips; we don’t use the cheapie chips like the other guys!

Exception: Roulette chips.  Roulette chips are plain colored cheques for use at the roulette table only (but they are clay).  Roulette chips are $25 per 1000.

We also rent individual table chip trays for your own games as needed.

Popular Games

What are your most Popular Games? Blackjack is the all time favorite, a genuine classic.
Poker had experienced a half-decade upswing but is now waning (for example, clients are beginning to revert back to player’s-choice poker as another regular walk-up game in the casino lineup (with standard chips and opposed to being locked-into a tournament).

Our games in order of popularity:

POKER TABLES (games vary, mostly Texas Hold ‘Em still but in an open-play format, not tourney)
BINGO (Classic or Big Screen)

Custom Order Note: If we do not have a game in stock that you would like to see, we can get it or fabricate it! Our current layout supplier can design and produce any design imaginable (and we may be able to charge you just the normal rental rate… please ask for details).

Other Game Ideas and some future planned games:
Card Games: 
Asian Stud – Australian Pontoon – Full size Baccarat – Blackjack Switch – Casino Hold’em – Chinese Poker – Faro – Four Card Poker – Mambo Stud – Spanish 21 – Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker – Two Up – Penny Up – Bet the Set – Lucky 7 – WaSioux Poker

Dice / Tiles:
Sic bo – Pai Gow Tiles

Random Numbers: 
Big Six

Gaming Machines / Video: 
Vintage Mills Antique Slot Machines – Video Poker – Dog Racing

Food Drink Smoking

Do you allow Food, Drink or Smoking at your Tables? We strive to provide you with clean, fresh layouts on all our tables.

Unfortunately we cannot allow smoking at our tables. If there is smoking allowed at your venue and damage is caused as a result of a cigar or cigarette burn, we will have to replace the layout at a cost of $250 including labor.

Please Contact Us if you must have guaranteed designated smoking tables, we have some options available (we have a few tables that are slated for layout replacement that may be an option).

We do allow food or drink at our tables, however, a cleaning fee will be incurred for food or drink stains (and alcoholic beverage DO stain!) or excessive spillage at our discretion. To save you any cleaning charges, we now offer our table tops encased in mylar, so drink and spill and be merry; no damage will result to our tables. Please refrain from food or drinks at non-mylar tables so they still look great for you next time, thanks!


Do you provide Chairs? In short, we do not stock chairs.  If your venue does not provide chairs (most of them provide chairs at no cost, pls ask us about your particular venue if in doubt) but we may be able to provide them on an optional basis from an outside vendor.

For your casino you will need these chairs (with the exception of the “stand-up height” tables such as 2 blackjack, craps, roulette and typically slots):
Minimum Eight Chairs per Blackjack, Let it Ride, 3 Card Poker, Red Dog, Mini Baccarat, Pai Gow, Poker 4’, Casino War, Caribbean Stud. Nine Chairs for Poker 6’ game. Thirteen Chairs for Poker 8′. Minimum Ten Chairs or more at your discretion for Bingo game.  Chairs optional for Prize Facilitation Area(s).

We will notify you well in advance of the number of chairs that you will need or if your venue does not provide chairs.

Chair Placement Note: Chair placement is sometimes included for smaller events if chairs are present in the hall at delivery.  On paper, our standard placement cost is .50cents per chair for most events.  You will be notified of any chair placement costs in your proposal.

Banquet Tables

Do you provide Banquet Tables? If your venue has a limited number of tables available, we can provide them as an optional service but we do not regularly stock them.

About 90% of area venues provide tables at no cost, and we will work with your facility contact on tables as needed.

For your casino you will need these tables:
Banquet Tables for any games that are receiving game tops.
Two or more 8’ (or three or more 6′) banquet-type tables for our chips and cashier station. One 6′ or 8′ banquet-type table for each 2-4 slot machines (some tables will sag in the middle with 3 machines at 75lbs ea.).  Tables for your prizes at your discretion, tables for prize facilitation if required per agreement or at your discretion.

Three to four 6’ or 8’ Banquet Tables are needed for Game Show (and 2 chairs).

We will notify you well in advance of the number of tables that you will need or if your venue does not provide them.

All required tables must be in the hall at time of delivery.

Placement Note: Table placement and arrangement is included and the tables must be present in the hall at time of delivery as we need to utilize them immediately.  Please make a point to have your tables covered and readied before equipment delivery, linens are not included.  If items are to be placed on tables by us, such as slot machines, we will place items on the tables as they are presented in the hall.


Do you provide Decorations?  Decorations are not included with casino game rentals and are an optional service.

Ask about our Casino Decorations!  There are a lot of different ways to go depending on your theme, but if you are having just a casino theme then consider tehse ideas: Casino Entry Sign, Casino Carpet, Metallic Curtains, Balloon Arches, Trees w/ Lighting, Faux Chandelier, Spotlights, Table Lamps, Water Fountain & Valet Parking Booth among others.  Pls ask for details and costs or drop us an email.

Bar Service

Do you provide Bar Service?  In short, no.  We offer optional Bar Service through Corporate Caterers or you can contact them directly.  Plans on the back burner: Fanciful Custom Bar Units with special features (b/c these are sort of few & far between as far as choice and availability in our opinion!).  Available with optional Bar Back and in small to long sizes depending on guest total. Please ask for details!

TIP: Consider having your own bar!  If you are not charging guests for drinks consider putting on your own bar, it will cost WAY less.  You will need 2 banquet tables and then go to Wally World and pickup one of those “tailgating tables” and place it atop one of your banquet tables for guest serving table and place the other table as a back table (you will have to rig up some skirting or order some).  Place your 2-litres of soda and bottles of booze on the back table (with extra cups and supplies hidden underneath) and you can also place a cooler full of ice & beer on the floor in front of the back table or move it to the front if guests can serve themselves.  Use a large cooler full of ice under your serving table for easy access.  Mix your drinks in your little cubby hole behind the tailgating table where you keep cups, place garnishes and stir sticks up top.

As an alternative we currently offer some great lighted steel beer tubs with drain. 


Do you provide Music?  We not typically offer music, but we have seen some great bands and DJ’s over the years!  Please ask for recommendations.

TIP: Consider a Live Band instead of a DJ, it is often a lower cost!

We do offer a small low-cost Sound System for $100 (incl 12″ powered speaker on stand with EQ and line-in (1/8″, 1/4″ or RCA) and cordless mic.  pls add $75 for second speaker.


What if there are Damages? Our standard damage policy for our casino games is as follows: Minimum $50 Cleaning Fee for Spillage or Soiling, $50 per hour Shop Fee for damage repair plus cost of materials.

You will also be notified of any and all damage clauses from any outside vendors during the proposal process.

Please Contact Us if you have any additional questions not answered, we want you to be a satisfied web surfer! Thank You for your interest in Amerifun!

If we don’t have it, we’ll get it!