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Slots Tournaments

Play Slots Tournaments Online If you ever get tired of playing slot machines against the house, you might want to consider taking part in slots tournaments and testing your skills against fellow gamblers for a change.

Not all online casinos run these kinds of tournaments on regular basis, meaning that if this kind of arrangement appeals to you, then you should make sure that the casino you are about to join does offer guaranteed prize tournaments. Slot tournaments can be a nice change from the regular casino play, while at the same time offering gamers a chance to seriously improve their account balance without risking too much of their own money. Online casinos offering slots tournaments: # Casino Rating Bonus Bonus Code 1 Read Review Deposit $5 GET 100 Chances to Become a Millionaire Not required Visit How slots tournaments work?

Rather than staking an amount of money per single spin of the reels, slots tournaments require a buy-in fee that usually stands at $5 and can only accommodate a set number of players. All participants are given the same amount of credits and period of time to try and win as much as possible, with their total amount earned at the end of the allocated time used to determine their place in the tournament leaderboard. Cash prizes are paid based on the final position, meaning that the amount earned during the tournament is not yours to keep. But, having already paid an entry fee, players have the option to place bigger bets and adopt a more adventurous approach in an attempt to land big wins that would see them climb the leaderboard. The prizes are usually quite high and can be worth several thousand dollars, meaning the slots tournaments can prove quite lucrative if you can rank better than fellow players. Similar to poker tournaments, these can be even more exciting than the standard casino play as well as help gamblers earn bragging rights in the community, which always comes in handy.