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US Internet Gamblers Can Still Play Casino Games For Free at Casino Gambling Web

Vancouver, Canada (PRWeb) March 11, 2007 — Casino Gambling Web has emerged as one of the most trusted sources online for quickly delivering all types of gambling news. They became a common name in the industry last year when they extensively covered the Internet gambling protest in Washington D. C. following the passing of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act.

With the spotlight fully on them they continued to cover gambling news and to this day they cover all important online and off-line gaming issues with fervor and originality. But CGW has gone further than merely providing up to date and original news stories. Late last year they built a one of a kind free casino games arcade that became a huge hit. Today they are announcing the addition of five new video slots to their free slot machine database.

The new video slots are built with Flash technology and are compatible with all web browsers. Aeroplayer sponsors the arcade, and if non-U. S. players are feeling lucky, they can travel over to the Aeroplayer website and play for real money. However, players of all nationalities, including those in the United States, can head over to Casino Gambling Web and play the games as much they would like for free. “With United States players now not able to play at many online casinos, we felt it would be a great thing for us to add an exciting and free video arcade to our website so those players could still get their gambling fix,”Gordon Price, the new president of Casino Gambling Web, said. James Band (not a misspelling) is expected to be the most popular of the new games.

US Internet Gamblers Can Still Play Casino Games For Free at Casino Gambling Web

It is a five-reel nine-line video slot that features a huge bonus round that could keep a gambler entertained for hours. Also added to the slots section of the arcade is another video slot, Jules Verne, and three regular style three reel slots, Marylin Monroe, Pac Machine, based of the old arcade classic, Pac Man and Wheel o’Fortune, which features a chance to spin the big wheel for some big time extra money. Price told us that the free arcade section of his website has become the most popular portion of his site and that he intends to continue its growth of new online casino games indefinitely. ### This press release has been reprinted from PRWEB per the terms and conditions of the copyright notice. Can You Beat Online Casinos? Casinos stay in business because in the long run they always win This is the golden rule of gambling and is due to what is known as the House Edge The Newest Guide To Online Casino Games and Softwares Introducing the latest developments in online casino gambling, including Rival Casinos and Interactive Slots. India Casinos India has a very limited amount of legal gambling. Five cities in the country of India allow gambling. In these five cities, there are six gaming operations currently running. There are casinos and other gaming facilities available in India. Casinos and cruise-based casinos are the only legal forms of gambling. Find the Best Online Casino Gambling and Payouts People choose to gamble online for a variety of reasons. For instance, many of us are annoyed by the excessive noise inside a real casino and prefer the peace and quiet of your own home.

Or, you see no point in actually going to a land-based casino and gambling, when you can do so from behind your computer screen, and not waste some precious time traveling, when you could use this time to enjoy yourself, and make some money in the process. Smoking is an issue in many casinos, and it can be a disturbing factor to you if you are not allowed to smoke, or if you have to make a selection based on this criterion. All in all, gamblers find online casino gambling more convenient than gambling in a real-world casino, especially given the fact that o… Professional Online Gambling Site Released for South African and International Market Pro-Online-Gambling. com is a high level graphic and contextual guide to Gambling and particularly Online Gambling. This portal gives players a beginners guide to professional advice on all aspects of online gambling so that you the consumer can be educated and advised of all aspects of the form of entertainment. P. O. G also offers unique promotions with certain casinos and gives away free money promotions.

Learn All About Live Online Roulette Roulette is a very popular game in the casinos Like most other casino games, roulette is a gambling game that is dependent on luck Here to Stay – Cyber Casinos and Their Benefits The obvious advantages of gambling in a cyber casino are certainly the most decisive factors for most people gambling on the Internet. As opposed to gambling in a land based casino, one doesn’t need the formality and etiquette requirements, specifically required in the larger, more expensive and more popular land based casinos. New Casino Magazine by Money Casino A new online casino magazine by Money-Casino. com covers gambling as practice, leisure, and entertainment. Free Gambling News Release Distribution Now Available at Casino Gambling Web The gambling news reporting site, Casino Gambling Web, has made their basic press release distibution service free of charge so that it will be more accessible to more gambling related news sources. Game On! Gamblers Can Pick Winners for the 2009 Best USA Online Casinos Gambling Gazette offering free casino cash and a chance to win free airfare to Las Vegas to those who place votes.

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